The famous "Xinomavro" Wine

Xinomavro, one of the finest Greek red grape varieties, is grown in many parts of the country. However, in Naoussa it reaches its perfect maturation with ease. Xinomavro is an active variety, high yielding, robust, and resistant to disease, but very sensitive to a lack of water. The grapes are medium-size, spherical with a thick skin, white flesh with a characteristic skin color  ranging from dark red to nearly black. The variety has proven to have considerable potential in terms of aromas from fermentation and aging, but also to have well-balanced sugar, acid and tannin levels. 

The red wines with the indication PDO Naoussa have a multidimensional and distinct character. They can be distinguished by their deep red color and characteristic aroma of red fruits which  develops into a rich bouquet of spices, with notes of tomato. 
Naoussa Xinomavro ages for 12 months in oak barrels, as required by relevant legislation. This aging helps to soften the characteristic tannins that give the wine its good structure, richness and  great aging potential. The modern methods of wine-making used by the current generation of oenologists and wine-makers showcase the multiple virtues of Xinomavro. 
A new generation of Naoussa wine is available on the market, with a dynamic modern profile, making it an excellent choice for todays consumer. It has a rich aromatic profile, a balanced palate and is easily combined with many dishes. Currently, there are three types of wine: Naoussa Xinomavro, which ages for 12 months,  Naoussa Xinomavro Reserve, which ages for 24 months, and Naoussa Xinomavro Grande Reserve, which ages for 48 months.